Investment casting Manufacturers

Non- ferrous casting is optimum for aluminium and copper based alloys. Let us review some of the popular non–ferrous metal casting processes used by investment casting manufacturers in India and worldwide.

Gravity casting:

As the name suggests, it utilizes gravity force to fill any empty mold. High pressure is not an essential requirement for gravity casting. There is no cluster formation during gravity casting. It is also cost – effective assures durable and good quality products for various industry applications. The product has excellent mechanical properties and they are cooled down quickly. The final product is much smoother that is obtained through sand casting.

Low-pressure casting:

It is highly stable casting process suitable for large production runs. The casting products have excellent mechanical performance and they are durable too. It is highly durable and appreciated worldwide. The most intricate shape can be designed using low-pressure casting process. It does not get influenced by external factors so output excellent.

Shell casting

It reduces the requirement of foundry sand and assures better outline and smooth surface. Components can be designed precisely as per industry requirements. The process is taken best for mass production. The best part is that it does not demand the machining process. The process I relatively expensive but you can design most intricate shapes with dimension accuracy. Further, it is divided into parts – pattern creation and mold creation. You are free to choose any of them according to your industry requirement.

Coated sand casting

We can design high quality non-ferrous parts with coated sand casting process. The advantages of this particular technique are – dimensional accuracy, excellent surface finishes, and durability. Its other mechanical properties are a low expansion, better thermal conductivity, and excellent heat stability. The process can be quickly customized on customer demand.

Here, we have given ageneral idea about most popular non ferrous casting process in India and worldwide. To know more about it, you may consult reliable investment castings manufacturers or exporters and don’t forget to explain your requirement and industry usage.